Coating system

Container’s coating process can be performed on a wide range of container types, shapes and materials.
It helps the emptying process with squeezable or invertible containers and drastically reduces the product left over. A good product’s purchased/usable ratio is essential to ensure users’ satisfaction.




Better filling perfomances

  • NO air pockets due to product sticking to container’s surfaces during filling
  • Faster filling due to reduced friction between product and container’s surfaces

Better emptying perfomances

  • Reduction of product left over inside the container
  • Easier emptying of the container (squeezing or upside down turning)



WAB’s coating system is equipped with:

  • Electronically operated nebulizing nozzles for the coating mist injection
  • Collecting cups for the residual coating mist recovery
  • Extraction system to prevent the residual coating mist from spreading
  • Container’s presence detection
  • No bottle – No spray feature
  • Preparation skid

The inner surfaces of new and cleaned containers are coated with an ultra thin layer of nebulised product.

The selected coating product should be compatible with the filling one (e.g. odour, taste, mixing features,…), stable over time (e.g. ossidation, colour, preservation,…) and have a low coefficient of friction to enhance lubrification.

By the means of electronically operated nebulizing nozzles the coating mist injection time can be set as a recipe, independently from production speeds. This feature, together with the «No bottle No spray» one, allows to balance the coating mist dosage to prevent it from affecting the final product, and to reduce the mist waste.


Unlikely the most known coating systems, WAB’s one works with NO pressurization of the coating mist, making the system simple and safe, allowing an extreme precision on coating mist dosage.