We always put our experience at the service of our customers, providing them with special and patented machines designed and built just for their needs.


Thanks to its well-known bactericidal properties, ozone is often used to neutralize or eliminate algae, bacteria and viruses, molds, as well as oxidize numerous organic and inorganic contaminants.

Ozoclean is an ozone generator entirely designed and built by WAB.

It connects to the customer water supply and it can be easily carried around the plant to clean surfaces like floor or machinery. It can also be used as a final rinse after chemical sanification.



A patented system to clean, rinse, dry and lubricate
sticks used in pasta exsiccation process.

  • In line operations
  • Eliminates weeks-long production stops
  • Decreases manpower costs
  • Decreases product waste
  • Manual or automatic mode
  • Low cost of ownership

«This is another market challenge that WAB has been able to catch on, demonstrating how ready and willing our company is to pay attention to every customer, using experience and creativity to satisfy not just the consolidated needs, but also the sudden ones».

Vittorio Salvi, Owner



Thanks to its experience in container handling solutions, WAB designed and patented an inspecting system for puck-conveyed containers.

The machine can extract the container from the puck, perform visual controls to detect the presence of scratches or bubbles on container’s body and then put the container back into its puck. Any defective container is automatically rejected.