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Rinsers with Total Collecting system (TC version)

Total Collecting rinsers

‘TC’ rinsers are specially appreciated where the containers during rinsing have to remain as dry as possible on the external surface.

This need is most of the times due to the fact that the rinsers work with a re-circulated alcoholic solution, which is more expensive than mere water. Moreover, on certain kinds of bottles external surfaces, i.e. for the luxury spirits, some drops may looks like dirty and stick spots.

Two devices make the surface to remain dry:

  • The “No Bottle – No Spray” device
  • the Total Collecting system

Total Collecting Cup

A cup with a large mouth is located all around the spraying nozzle, below the inverted container.

It surrounds the container mouth and it collects all the liquid exiting the bottle and takes it to a central manifold.

The rinsing product may be wasted or re-circulated after filtration.

No Bottle – No Spray

The device make sure that only a gripper holding a container rinses.

The system detects the container being gripped and its related gripper.

Only in case the gripper holds a bottle, a small valve located upstream its nozzle will open and let the fluid pass.

The valve is operated by a pneumatic cam.

The whole system is controlled by a PLC.

Drops Suction System

Even after a long draining , some drops could bounce attached to the bottle mouth.

During the final inversion these drops could fall inside the container and increase the liquid residual, or slide along the external surface and wet it.

These unwanted last drops may be sucked out by the means of this option device.

A small pipe is mounted on the cup border and is connected to a centralized vacuum system, which also collects the liquid.

When the mouth of the inverting bottle passes close to the suction pipe, the bouncing drops on it are sucked and taken to the vacuum unit.

The vacuum unit includes a Venturi device and works with compressed air.

Last drops bouncing on the mouth may also blown out by the means of an air blade.


Electronic Control of the Rinsing Time

A valve, mounted on every pipe carrying the treatment fluid from the central distributor to the nozzle, is controlled by the PLC and rules the injection time for water.

That way the treatment cycle may be tuned for each format, whatever is the machinery speed.

Re-circulation system

The rinsing liquid consumption may be a concern to the user, especially when it contains alcohol.
To reduce the costs due to the wasted liquid, a re-circulation system may be installed.
The system is composed by:
  • a tank, made of stainless steel, which receives the liquid
  • a boost pump, to restore the pressure inside the treatment circuit
  • a level probe
  • a filtering system, normally composed by the pre-filter and the final filter

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Glass bottle Total Collecting rinsing:
liquid collecting test.

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