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OZOSYSTEM 600 is a simple yet reliable Ozone generator, with the whole generation system manufactured by WAB. .

It is a ozone prime generator, to serve the free standing sterilizing machinery or the filling monoblocks; it interacts with them as as ‘slave’.

Ozone (O3) is among the most powerful sterilizing agents in the bottling and packaging industries (beverages, food, dairy).

Ozone (O3) is produced by using a carrier fluid that contains Oxygen (O2); in our applications we use air taken form the environment.

Air gets a high voltage electrical discharge, produced by two electrodes. Some diatomic molecules (O2) break when getting the electrical discharge and are recomposed in triatomic molecules (O3), that is ozone.

Ozone is highly unstable and turn to Oxygen in short time.

The quantity of Ozone and it s concentration in water may be adjusted by changing the flow rate of the carrier fluid (air).

The ozone dosing system is based on the “Venturi” ejector. This technology allow to put a high quantity of ozone in water.

The system is composed by a boost pump, a “Venturi” ejector and a mixing tank.

Water to be ozonized is expected to have the following features:

  • Potable
  • Temperature: max 20 °C
  • Pressure: min 3   max 7  bar
  • Hardness: min 50  max 200  p.p.m. CaCO3
  • Iron (Fe): max 0,05 p.p.m.
  • Manganese (Mn): max 0,02 p.p.m.

Ozone Generation Unit

The ozone generation unit is composed by a glass tube where air flows and gets the electric discharge

The glass pipe include a high voltage electrode.

Around the glass tube, an item works as the second electrode and as a heat sink.

The whole group has two threaded heads with the electrical and fluid connection.


A pump increases the pressure of a part of the water.

This high pressure water flow in the Venturi makes a vacuum on the gas  side, that is air reach in ozone.

Measuring unit

A precise measuring unit allows to continuously disclose the Ozone concentration of the solution.

The min and max thresholds of the O3 concentration are available; when reached they stop the ozone generator and the operator gets a warning.

The version of the proposed machine can  satisfy the most strict requirements of the customers.

No additional optional devices are available.

ML Version

The ML version is enhanced by user-friendly operator panel, to support the operator in all the setup and control steps.

The HMI is available with the following languages:

  • Italian;
  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • Russian;
  • Chinese (Mandarin).

No specific documents are available.


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