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This machinery is used to internally and externally rinse and blow the bottles to get them prepared for the filling step in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The special blowing function allows to avoid the drying tunnel, so to reduce the capital investment and the line footprint.

The process uses Purified Water (PW) and\or Water For Injections (WFI) to rinse the bottles in two steps, and sterile air to blow them.

Recirculation of the liquids can be done to reduce consumption.

Heating of the fluids is available to further reduce the residual liquid at the end of the process.

A skid prepares the fluids through filtration, heating, recirculation, and pressure monitoring.

The process is called “2R+1S”.

An additional small blowing machine may follow to further reduce the residual.

Gripper with Nozzles

The rinsing and blowing nozzles have an orifice designed in relation to the containers dimensions.

They are fixed, that is they not penetrate into the inverted container, but they are always centered on the mouth axis.

Practice suggests to not use penetrating nozzles for this kind of applications since the treatment performance is anyway high and it eliminate the hygienic risk related to a mechanical item entering the container.

Cleaning effectiveness was proven to be very high by using strict validation protocols.


All fluids are duly prepared and monitored to get them suitable to run the process without any deviation from the recipe.

The heating units may be with steam condensation or with electric power.

CFR 21 Part 11

This option allows the machine to comply with the requirements stated by the FDA CFR 21 part 11 in relation to:

  • Users access and authorizations;
  • Records of the user activity;
  • Protection and export of the configuration and measuring data;
  • Data archiving and updating;

Certificates and Documents

Upon request WAB provides:

  • the certificates of materials which are in contact with the product;
  • the roughness certificates;
  • the welder approval test certificates;
  • the instruments calibration certificates;
  • IQ-OQ documentation.

No specific documents are available.


Rinser-Blower: 12000 BPH.

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