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STICK-WASHER “SW”: Restoration of the sticks for the long pasta drying process

An effective and quick cleaning, with the maximum costs reduction.
The stick-washer “SW”, manufactured by WAB, is a brand new and unique machine, and it is patented. It restores and maintains at the best levels the surface conditions of the sticks where long pasta is spread onto during the drying process.

The abolition of periods of non-production and the fact that the additional set of sticks is no longer needed, along with a  high reduction of labour costs, give a pretty short break-even period and make the investment to be very profitable.

The restoration cycle of the stick-washer “SW”

Sticks undergo a treatment cycle including a washing phase and a brushing phase to remove, in only one step, the patina on the whole surface of them. The washing phase may be carried out with cold or hot water/solution, in relation to the sticks level of fouling. The most intensive cycle involves the washing and brushing phases with a hot solution composed by water and an alkaline cleaner; a rinsing phase with cold or hot water removes all the patina particles and the cleaning solution. The drying phase follows the rinsing phase, then the sticks are coated with a very thin layer of edible oil. The parameters of the treatment cycles are configured and exploited by the means of ‘recipes’.

Main Features

Sticks length: 2000 mm and 2500 mm (special length upon request)
Production speed: from 500 Sticks/h up to 2000 Sticks/h
Installed power: 16 kW
Fluids: Alkaline cleaner; Water; Edible oil; Compressed Air

“Automatic” and “Manual” versions

“Automatic” SW
  • It is permanently installed in the final zone of the drying tunnel.
  • Sticks are taken by the stick-washer and, after being restored, are given back to the drying tunnel, with a synchronised transfer.
  • It changes its speed according to the drying tunnel speed, without interfering with it.
“Manual” SW
  • It may be installed far from the long pasta line, in a suitable location of the plant.
  • Sticks are manually loaded onto the stick-washer inlet guides.
  • The sticks unloading is by gravity and the restored sticks may direct fall down into the storage boxes.
  • The machine speed is related to operator skills

Automatic dosing system for the cleaner

Heating system for the fluids


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