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Flow Detection System (FDS)

A powerful device to satisfy the QA\QC departments focused on high levels of control and liability.

Rinsing, Blowing, Sterilizing: these treatments are not eye-catching events.

Containers look the same before and after treatment.

The challenge that has to be removed is so small that we can only detect it trough a laboratory activity, since a continuous monitoring at the line is not functional in this case. Samples used for laboratory effectiveness check up are not usable anymore.

Apart the standard pressure or flow control carried out on the central treatment pipe, an additional control may be carried out on every nozzle and for every liquid or gas based treatment.

In case of no flow, the machine stops and discloses the bad functioning head. The untreated container may be removed at at stated location of the machinery (i.e. exit starwheel) or discharged.

The system is patented.

The Pipe and the Sphere

A small stainless steel sphere may move inside a food grade plastic vertical pipe when pushed by the fluid flow.

The pipe is installed between the central distributor and the nozzle.

All liquid and gases may move the sphere: without any flow or with a poor flow the sphere is in its low position, whilst when the flow is enough the sphere goes to the high position.

Position Sensor

A special proximity is mounted in a static location of the machine, above the carrousel

It detects the sphere in high position when it passes in front of it.

A high signal is sent to the control system when the sphere is detected.

In case of fault the signal is low and the machine react with an alarm and with a safety procedure.

The device may me manufactured for:

  • aggressive CIP\SIP procedures;
  • less aggressive cleaning procedures;

No specific documents are available.


Stainless Steel sphere moving inside the FDS pipe when the fluid passes through it.

FAT trial: a pipe is clogged and the machine stops with the untreated containers in a stated position.

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