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Rinsers with hot water and steam

This machinery carries out two primary functions: cleaning and pre-heating of the container.

It is put in used to support the hot filling systems.

According to the container features and to the process targets, the pre-heating steps can be numerous and with increasing strength:

  • Rinsing with Hot Water at Temperature T1
  • Rinsing with Hot Water at Temperature T1 + Rinsing with Hot Water at Temperature T2 (T2 > T1)
  • Additional Internal Steaming at the end
  • Internal Blowing with Hot Air after the rinsing (T3 > [T2] > T1)

The easiness of configuration allows to completely achieve the customer’s requests, also with containers very sensitive to the thermal shock.

The re-circulation devices, the filtration systems and the heating systems, with many options and accessories, allow to reduce the energy and the fluids consumption.

Treatment Tunnel

The treatment zone where the process occurs is surrounded by a tunnel in stainless steel.

Suitable technical solutions allow to:

  • To keep the heat exchanged by the fluids
  • To see the process during production, through suitable windows
  • To collect and to remove the broken containers
  • To extract the steam

Skid for Re-circulation, Filtration and Heating

A skid includes in a functional way all the functions needed to carry out the process:

  • Hot Water re-circulation, if needed
  • Filtration
  • Water heating, by the means of one or more tubular heat exchangers, based on steam condensation, made of stainless steel
  • Pressure regulation

Suitable safaty systems protect against hot surfaces contact.

The skid makes the machinery assembling and transport very easy and comfortable.



The available process diagrams (P&ID) are very numerous, so they easily fit the requested performances and the progressiveness of the container heating.

Consumption measuring

Aiming to reduce the energy consumption, the skid may be improved with systems to measure the fluids and energy for heating.

No specific documents are available.


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