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This machinery is used at the packaging plants for edible oil, since the ‘rinsing’ with filtered air removes the unwanted particles (dust, pieces of paper or plastic, etc.).

A cleaning action with water would not be accepted in this kind of industry, since even the smallest drop of liquid would be noticed in the shelf product.

These particles, once they exit the container, are sucked and taken outside the machinery where a filtering system avoids they spread in the environment.

The process designation is “1S” in case only one gas is used (commonly sterile air) or “2S” when two different gases are injected (normally the second gas is Nitrogen).

This application may be manufactured both with fixed or penetrating nozzle.

This machinery is usually installed in the filling monoblock, forming a single unit.

Blowing Nozzle

The blowing nozzle has an orifice designed in relation to the containers dimensions.

It is fixed, that is it not penetrates into the inverted container, but it always centered on the mouth axis.

Practice suggests to use penetrating nozzles for this kind of applications only when really needed, since the treatment performance is anyway high and it eliminate the hygienic risk related to a mechanical item entering the container.

An intermittent jet of sterile air detaches the particles adhering the container surface and makes the get out of it.

Individual Air Ionization System

Containers during their transfer through the packaging line become electrically charged and attract unwanted particles.

The phenomenon is more evident with plastic containers but also the glass containers may attract electrically charged particles.

With the individual air ionization system a device is installed upstream every blowing nozzle and ionizes the air injected into the container, in order to improve the particles detachment.

Every device sends a signal when is in good working conditions and is producing ionized air.

This system increases the detachment efficiency with critical particles like the pieces of paper or cellophane, hair and dust.

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