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Sterilizers with Peracetic Acid (PAA)

This rotary machine reduces the microbiological contamination naturally laying inside the containers by the means of a thermochemical action operated by a ParAcetic Acid (PAA) based solution .

The container gets an intensive rinse of the inner and outer surfaces with the sterilizing solution, then a rinse with sterile water to eliminate the carryover sterilizing agent.

The process for the container is called “1R+1R” when occurring on two different carrousels, or “2R” when occurring on a single carrousel.

The process for the caps is called “2R+1S” and is carried out in a linear tunnel, surrounding the caps rail.

The technology adopts the Ultra Clean manufacturing criteria.

A high Log Reduction is reached with the reference challenge (Aspergillus Niger, Bacillus Subtilis); this is determined by the cycle duration, the PerAcetic Acid concentration and by the temperature.

The machinery may be easily embedded  in the filling monoblocks.

All the process fluids (sterilizing solution, sterile water, sterile air) are prepared by a unit called ‘mixer’.

The process complied with the most strict microbiological validation protocols at the primary producers of sensitive products (Dairy, Fruit Juice with no preservatives) in the Ultra Clean plants.

Treatment Nozzle

The nozzle is manufactured to hit the whole internal surface of the container with the smallest quantity of fluid.

Containers with big volume and with handles may be treated with the same performance.

The nozzle is fixed and it is located below the mouth of the inverted container, always centered on mouth axis.

Experience suggests to not use penetrating nozzles, since the rinsing performance is unchanged and to eliminate additional hygiene risks due to a mechanical part entering the container.

External Washing

The external surface, and especially the mouth and the gripping pads are washed to increase the sterilizing performance.

A first set of nozzles spray the sterilizing solution, then a second set spray sterile water.

Gripping pads are sprayed at every carrousel rotation.


The mixer aims to prepare and to control all the process fluids during production and the SIP.

Sterilizing Fluid

The sterilizing solution is recirculated by the means of a tank and a pump.

A precise dosing system measures the PerAcetic Acid concentration and keeps it into the correct range.

A heating system with a tube heat exchanger keeps the temperature into the appropriate range.

A filtering group with stainless steel cartridges removes the unwanted particles.

Sterile Water

Water passes through several filtering stages and gets the the final one  (0,2 micron).

Sterile Air

Air is filtered for food contact use.


Steam is used to carry out the fast and easy SIP procedures in the water and air piping.

During every phase of the process all fluids are managed and controlled by a set of valves and pressure\flow\temperature sensors.

The mixer has its own electrical cabinet with PLC and HMI and works as a slave of the sterilizing machine or of the filling monoblock.

The machine is proposed in the “full optional” version,  to to satisfy the most strict requirements of the customers.

The additional optional devices to consider are:

  • Car Wash manual or automatic system;
  • Flow Detection System (FDS).

No specific documents are available.


Sterilization with PerAcetic Acid and Rinsing with Sterile Water of containers:
15000 BPH with 900 ml PET containers .