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Sterilizers with Hydrogen Peroxide and Hot Air

The containers and caps decontamination is achieved just thanks to Hydrogen Peroxide and Hot Air. This is actually a typical application for the aseptic, but WAB can use it for the Ultra Clean packing lines. This is now possible  thanks to the results achieved by WAB never resting R&D department.

The process is called “1N+1S” and  is suitable for containers made of all kinds of plastic materials (PET, HDPE, etc.).

The treatment doesn’t require the container to be inverted.

The decontamination is strong and very satisfactory for the Ultra Clean plants and the challenges are the following:

  • Bacillus Subtilis (Bacillus Atropheus);
  • Aspergillus Niger.


WAB R&D activity is supported by an accurate microbiological validation according to the guide lines of this industry.

The residual of Hydrogen peroxide after the treatment meets the limit stated by the FDA (0.5 p.p.m.).

Also, the volume shrinkage of the containers is practically zeroed.

The system is appreciated for:

  • Small footprint of the machinery;
  • Complete automated cycles;
  • High adaptability to the different formats;
  • Complete control of the process.

Th system is suitable for Ultra Clean plants , thanks to machinery and process high hygienic requirements.


The simple design and the high efficiency are the main features of this nozzle, which successfully sterilizes also the containers having a big size or a complex shape.

The nozzle enters a bit into the container, without touching it, in order to optimize the fluid dynamic behavior of Hydrogen Peroxide and of air.

HEPA filters and Exhuast system

A HEPA system and an exhaust system work together on this machinery.

The HEPA system blows filtered air inside the cabin and keeps it pressurized.
The cabin is rated at least ISO6 according to the norm ISO 14644-1.

The exhaust system takes the cabin air outside the machinery, in order to make sure the residual concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide in air is below the exposure thresholds stated by the regulations.

Caps decontamination tunnel

The caps feeding channel is fitted out with a decontamination tunnel, where the internal surface of the caps are subjected to the following treatments:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide solution and hot air injection
  • Drying by hot air

Caps are treated whilst sliding through the channel inside the tunnel. Nozzles are fixed and spray the internal side of the caps.

The treatment area is enclosed in a containment tunnel. The tunnel is equipped with connections and piping to be coupled with an exhaust fan for the air and Peroxide extraction.


The skid includes all the components needed to manage the treatment fluids (commercial solution of Hydrogen Peroxide, air, steam for SIP procedures), so to centralize the operator’s control and action during production and to limit space. Thanks to the electronic management, the skid carries out all phases of the production cycle.

Caps Stoppers at the several stages of the Sterilizing Tunnel

At the beginning of the production shift, the caps rails are empty and have to be filled down to the capper.

The first caps passing into the empty rails run at a speed which is higher than the nominal one, so their treatment cycles is shorter.

To make sure all the caps crossing the tunnel get at least the nominal cycle, the system stops them where the treatment steps occur and then it releases them.

Measuring of the sterilizing fluid concentration.

The Hydrogen Peroxide solution, usually at 35%, is subject to chemical decay, so it may decrease its sterilizing performance.

A sensor, mounted on the piping feeding the treatment devices, continuosly measures the concentration of the sterilizing solution.

In case the sensor measures a concentration lower than what stated by the Quality Assurance dept. of the plant, the machinery will stop and inform the operator.

Bottom Handling (‘BH’) or Neck Handling  (‘NH’)

Both configurations may be realized.

No specific documents are available.


Sterilization with Hydrogen Peroxide + Hot Air :
sterilizing carrousel in production at 12.000 BPH with 900 ml PET containers.

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