WAB | Macchine per imbottigliamento  Bottling machinery

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Sede legale:
Strada Provinciale per Neviano 86
43029 Traversetolo PR Italia
Codice Fiscale e Registro Imprese di Parma: Nr. Iscrizione 01931540346
Partita Iva: IT 01931540346
Capitale Sociale: EUR 51.652,00 i.v.

A clean passion

Delivering a high grade of cleanliness and sterility primary packing to filling and capping steps.

This is WAB’s passion since 1996.

WAB manufactures in a short lead time complete systems (automatic machines and turrets) for

  • the sterilization,
  • the air cleaning,
  • the rinsing

of containers and caps.

The industries we serve pack the following products:

  • Dairy, Fruit juice with no preservatives
  • Pharmaceutical, personal care;
  • Sauces, edible oil;
  • Wine, beer, spirits;
  • Water and drinks.

With 1.300 successful installations at the beginnign of 2017, WAB is the trustworthy partner to the most important manufacturers of packaging lines and of fillers.

WAB technologies pass the most rigorous validation protocols related to the containers cleanliness and sterilization.

Thanks to its experience and flexibility, WAB also designs and manufactures machinery for special applications.

WAB is located near Traversetolo (Parma) and was established in 1996.

WAB uses AutoCAD (2D) and SolidWorks (3D) to integrate its systems with the customers’ ones, by following their technical specifications and manufacturing style.