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Important projects

  • Thank you, Kentucky: 55+ Formats, 5 Lines, 65.000+ BPH

    November 25,2019

    Once again, thank you to the great cooperation with our partner, 5 more lines are in full operation in two primary bottling plants in Kentucky, globally producing more than 65.000 bottles per hour. Marketing in the sprits battle is now served with almost 60 different formats, by switching from the 375 ml to the 1.750 […]

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  • Pomezia: WAB’s technology for the Italian Pharma industry

    August 22,2018
    WAB recently installed in Pomezia a bottles air cleaner (blowing+vacuum), which will be used in a primary pharma plant. Empowered with the cleaning and control technology settled by WAB, the machine handles bottles from 10 ml to 200 ml at a speed up to 300 BPM. Thank you to several and flexible solutions during its [...] View >
  • 4 Sterilizers with Hydrogen Peroxide and hot air now working in Russia

    October 30,2014
    4 lines for dairy products were put in continuous production in two different locations in Russia. These lines include 4 Ultra Clean sterilizers for PET containers, based on the method of the Hydrogen Peroxide nebulization and activation with hot air  (Dry Sterilization). Some details: 12.000 BPH with 900 ml PET containers; Ultra Clean version; 3 [...] View >
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification is on the way to the WAB’s premises.

    August 29,2014
    The Quality System certification soon introduced in WAB. All WAB people are doing their last adjustments to get the Quality Management certification which will help them to better serve all the customers by giving better service and products. See you soon with nice news… View >